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Our Operating Philosophy

We believe teamwork and collaboration are the two important ingredients to make things happen. We take cross-border Real Estate transaction not as a one-man brokerage business, but a meticulously orchestrated play in due diligence, analysis, structure, negotiation, and execution. We aim for true long term partnership which delivers benefits to both parties, and not short term gains from single deal.
Our Investment Priorities

We target on-campus, pedestrian-to-campus, as well as off-campus asset that fits our metrics, in the vicinity of top-ranking universities’ major campus. We take the view that the growing international and other affluent student population at top colleges and their changing lifestyle would alter the landscape of Student Accommodations in the coming years. Students nowadays not just need a warm and safe bed. The tech-savvy and green-minded bunch needs a living space where they can grow and thrive, interact with people of like-minded, while they could literally live up to their values. In our investments, we will benchmark to established ESG standards, and adopt sustainable practices in reducing environmental impact in an economically responsible manner.

Our Investment Approach

Our investors are mostly entrepreneurs who like to get their hands dirty. They prefer direct investment into individual projects/assets, rather than indirectly through funds. They understand the importance of partnership and would like to partner with seasoned owners and operators who have intimate knowledge of Student Accommodations business.

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