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Unique opportunity to participate directly
on asset/project level.

We believe Investment is more than a simple introduction/brokerage. Investors' needs should be taken care of from end-to-end throughout the investment cycle. We add value to the investors in Student Housing Investments through:

Deal Origination - We maintain a strong professional network in the US in keeping taps of all on and off-market opportunities. Investor acquires the asset directly itself in brick-and-mortar, not through a fund. An investor has discretion as to what to do with the asset;

Deal Screening/In-depth analysis - With hundreds of deals launched in the market every year, we screen and analyse deals before making our recommendation to you as an investor. We pride ourselves in adding value to your evaluation process, through our analytical work and in-house market database, and thus save your valuable time and resources in your investment process;

Investment partners - We help find right-minded investors for possible Joint Venture partnerships or club deals; 

Deal Structuring -  We work with a group of carefully selected professional partners in navigating the complex US system in laws, regulations, and taxation, for you as a foreign investor in the US. We recommend the most efficient capital structure for your transactions;

Deal Execution - We arrange onshore financing in the US for your Investments at Loan to Value ratio up to 80%, and loan tenor as long as 10 years. We also help choose, appoint and monitor the performance of the best possible student assets managing companies in managing the ongoing operation and leasing activities for your acquired assets;

Asset upgrades - Older Student Housing assets possess room for improvement in the age of green and sustainable buildings. Our Organisation Membership at the US Green Building Council connects us to the right professional partners in making your acquired greener and energy (cost) efficient.

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