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How we can add value to owners/operators?

Opening up new equity source from the very liquid Hong Kong Investors pool.
  • Our dedicated focus in Alternative Real Estate Investment, with a flexible and non-institutional approach;

  • Provides new funding source, in addition to the traditional institutional and domestic investors;

  • Instant access to decision-makers of a big pool of quality Ultra High Networth groups/ families from Hong Kong;

  • All potential investors are the principal’s former clients from 2 top international banks. All potential investors have been through banks' stringent KYC process;

  • Investors' interests in existing operating assets as well as development projects;

  • A good understanding of investors’ financial strength in meeting their commitments to minimize completion risk;

  • Trust from clients in clearing and recommending transactions to them;

  • Provides new international perspective in remodeling hardware and software of assets to fit the next generation of students’ needs;

  • Provides exit/recapitalization opportunity for some of the assets in operator’s portfolio;

  • Link up with relevant partners to channel students/tenants to your target partners.

Meeting Room Business
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