"We see internship as a way to invest in the future for the industry, as well as an opportunity to mentor our next generation. This is our way of paying back to the industry."

With this noble mission in mind, we offer round-the-year internship opportunities, which include Full-time internship during summer vacation, Christmas break, as well as semester placement, and part-time (2 days a week) internship during term time. So far, we have trained a dozen talents. All our interns found the experience fruitful and the internship add value to their CV.
Our Interns come from global top 50 universities, majoring in a wide array of subjects. It is excited to see a good number of our former interns have entered into full-time analyst, consulting or banking job with top international names upon their graduation.
Let's hear what our former interns say about their experience with A50 Real Assets Ltd:
J.P. (Surveying 2021, University of Hong Kong), ex-Investment Analyst Intern Fall/Spring 2020/21, since joined as Investment Analyst at Colliers' Capital Market and Investment Services team
"....A50 Real Assets which has taught me professionally and personally in numerous ways. I had the opportunity to hone my research and financial modelling skills through work ranging from market analysis and property valuation. Throughout my journey at A50 Real Assets, I got various opportunities to analyze the U.S. real estate market through a financial lens, apply and enhance my academic knowledge in a real-world setting, and equip myself with the necessary skills needed to build a strong foundation in investment analytics. I’m so thankful to Andy, for always encouraging me to do my best work and for flattening my initial learning curve in a fast-paced environment....I have gained a truly invaluable experience that I will forever cherish and take the skills I have acquired...."
M.L. (Quantitative Finance 2020, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), ex-Investment Analyst Intern Spring/Summer 2020, since joined Standard Chartered Bank's International Graduate program and works in the Financial Markets teams
"......The company does provide me a high degree of flexibility and autonomy to initiate projects. I was advised to create a systematic methodology, which composes of competitors, demand and supply and geographic analysis to screen and evaluate US student properties. Also, I was encouraged to build complex valuation and waterfall cashflow distribution models.....I genuinely express my gratitude to A50 for offering me a precious learning opportunity and the trust to build long-term employment with me. This experience absolutely helps me prepare well for the next chapter in my career in the banking industry......" 
A.L. (Finance 2021, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), ex-Investment Analyst Intern Spring 2021, since joined as Management Consultant at KPMG
"......The company provides us with a highly interactive working environment and promotes exchanges of ideas. I have gained hands-on experience in different methodologies for identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, including supply and demand analysis, regional analysis, rental analysis. As a finance major, I had some experience working on financial models. At A50, it was the first time that I have applied them to real estate, in which the waterfall distribution model is used. By analysing properties in real-life situations, I now have a much deeper understanding of the US Student Accommodation market.

I genuinely wish to show my profound gratitude for the experience that I have gained at A50. This will definitely be beneficial to my long-term career development and will allow me to excel in the industry......"

S.R. (Global Business 2021, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), ex-Investment Analyst Intern Summer/Fall 2020

"A50 Real Assets has been a great learning opportunity for me. During my time I worked in both the data science side as well as the financing and valuation side of the company. I was able to learn a lot more about the US student housing market really thoroughly. Furthermore, Andy, the managing principal, also pushed me to innovate and ideate in different areas where I could apply my skills and created a data scraping tool from the ground up that assisted in generating several new key frameworks for the company. But what made this experience so special for me was that I was given the opportunity to be hands-on with my work like tax forecasting and valuation of properties as well as and was able to undertake end-to-end ownership of my projects and build frameworks that would assist in the goals of the company. I am thankful for A50 Real Assets in placing their trust in me for helping the company grow as well as building a professional employment relationship with me. I am also grateful for the company in reinforcing a mindset and skillset that will help me greatly in my future career goals."

D.W. (Quantitative Finance 2021, Chinese University of Hong Kong), ex-Advanced Analytics/ Machine Learning Intern Summer 2021

"The company has a dynamic working environment where all interns would discuss their work and exchange their ideas on a daily basis. Andy, the Managing Principal, also encouraged us to present our ideas and actively gave us feedbacks for interns to improve on how to best convey our messages to the target audience. This internship has given me great exposure to the commercial real estate market, particularly the student housing market in the US. Before joining the company as an Advanced Analytics intern, I had limited coding project experiences. The company has given me much training on how developers collaborate with each other on a single project under the GibHub and how to code properly in Python throughout my internship. By undergoing the project to develop.... the company database, and machine learning model for supply estimate, I am now much more confident to code both independently and collaboratively. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work at the company, and I feel empowered to pursue a career in programming.

A.K. (Law 2021, University of Hong Kong), ex-In-house Legal Intern Fall 2020


"The company encourages us to explore different initiatives and provides us with the flexibility to develop our own ideas. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to work on both legal and commercial related projects which provided me the exposure to the international investment and real estate business. Andy, the managing principal who is a seasoned commercial figure with vast managing experience in major banks, has provided me with valuable guidance on how to improve and add-value to myself. He is a down-to-earth individual who does not mind sharing his professional knowledge and experience with us. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to A50 and Andy for giving me this unparalleled opportunity. I believe my experience at the company has equipped me with the essential attributes that can propel me to success in the future. I cannot be more thankful for everything that this company has given me."

Intern at A50 Real Assets Ltd

For those who are interested to intern with A50 Real Assets Ltd, watch out for our job posts at JIJIS, job board at the Career Office of your university, as well as on our LinkedIn page. We welcome talents from different disciplines. We plan to expand our data analytics capability further and we will have more technical positions for STEM students in future. Our internship is arranged either on a Work Experience Students mode, under the ITC STEM internship scheme, or on part time contract basis. We look forward to growing with you!